Ring Hearth Furnace Line


The ring hearth furnace is self-developed by AICHELIN. It combines the advantages of a rotary hearth furnace and a pusher furnace. The design allows a separation of heating, carburizing and diffusion zone so that different carbon levels and temperature profiles can be processed nearly independently in the different chambers. It is especially suitable for the press quenching and quenching heat treatment processes of bevel gears, driving gear shafts and other parts in the automobile industry.


Fully automatic flexible product line applied for gas carburizing, press quenching/quenching of driving & driven spiral bevel gear of automobile real axle. Capable to achieve different case-hardening depth for mixture production in one furnace.Mainly consists of : loading & unloading roller table, pre-washing machine, pusher type pre-heating furnace; pusher type heating furnace; ring type carburizing furnace; pusher type cooling furnace; press quenching heat/reservation furnace; quenching oil tank, loading manipulator and horizontal transfer manipulator for press quenching, post washing and drying machine, pusher type tempering furnace, air buffer and control system for the product line, etc.

The control system continuously combines the current informatization and industrialization. In addition to have basic modules such as automatic generation of control processes, automatic recording of process parameters, and realization of product tracking and traceability, its expansion modules add energy consumption statistic and analysis, mobile host computer monitoring system, realize the interface with the workshop MES system, and etc.


  • Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Press quenching/quenching
  • Normalizing and annealing


  • Automotive parts
  • Gear parts
  • Roller bearing
  • Standard parts
  • Engineering and machinery parts


Typical Layout of Ring Heath Furnace with Press Quenching