Gas Nitriding Chamber Retort Furnace Plants


Nitrocarburizing has acquired increasing significance especially by means of steam oxidation. The result of this heat treatment is a wear resisting oxidation layer which is similar to hard chrome plating and also shows a comparably good corrosion resistance. A desirable secondary effect is the black or anthracite colored piece parts surface.

This treatment requires furnaces with a gastight steel retort. The heating can be done electrically or with industrial gas burners. The chamber retort furnace, especially designed for that purpose, offers all the conditions for an economic heat treatment with reproducible results:

  • High temperature uniformity
  • Strong gas circulation
  • Less requirement of process gas
  • Programmable heat treatment process
  • Controlled oxidation layer by means of lambda probe
  • Extremely high cooling rate through rapid indirect cooling system
This furnace line shows all the advantages of vertical retort furnace, but neither needs pits nor hoists. It can be charged easier and integrated into existing AICHELIN chamber furnace lines.

Overview Of The Plants

Technical Parameters

Project Layout of Chamber Retort Nitriding Furnace

Gas Supply System

Parts Nitrided

Ammonia Cracker Oven